8’10” MPE P38

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8'10" x 22.30" x 3.40"

Designed by Kirk Putnam, the P38 is heavily influenced by Nat Young's infamous "Magic Sam" as well as Yater and McTavish designs. As far as outline, the P38's wide point is behind center, with a pulled in nose and tail. Kirk has foiled down the rails to a nice pinch to maximize trim and down the line speed, but has left enough foam to be forgiving and user-friendly. Flip the P38 over to find a fully rolled bottom very reminiscent of Yater's spoon and Nat Young's Magic Sam. The rocker profile is also consistent with boards of that era, it is very flat but there is a slight continuous curve throughout. At 8'10" this Sam-style longboard surfs much more like a long midlength straight out of Hot Gen and Evolution!

*Fin not included

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