7'7" Derrick Disney Midzr

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Derrick Disney is another one of those guys that can really do it all. From surfing to shaping to the wonderful wooden sculptures he makes, he seems to excel at it all. Growing up in San Diego, Derrick's been exposed to some of California's best surf where he's been able to dial in many of the boards he has shaped. The Midzr model is as well rounded as a surfboard can be. The outlines wide point is set slightly behind center and the nose and tail pull in quickly into a pin. The rails are soft and are set slightly down. The bottom contour starts with a mellow roll that fades into a small single convace and finally ends in a faint double between the fins and out the tail. The rocker of the board is pretty flat with just a bit if lift in the nose and tail. The Midzr is surprisingly shreddy for a board this size, being able to be ridden when the waves are pumping but also when you want to trim through waist high runners.

Wanna try one of Derrick's Twinzers out? We have this one here for members of our Daydream Research Center to test out.

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