7'5" Nick Melanson Mid Pin

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7'5" x 20 1/2" x 2 5/8"

Nick Melanson is an up and coming shredder out of the southern region of Orange County. Nick rips as hard as anyone on longboards, fishes, and anything in between. He is just as skilled in the shaping room as he is in the water, creating refined and functional boards that excel in the waves of OC. He has recently begun making boards for the public, and we are beyond stoked to welcome him to our racks! 

This Mid Pin from Nick is built for speed and trim while still maintaining maneuverability from the tail. The outline is classic and eggy, with a wide-point forward curve and a slightly pulled in nose and rather pulled in tail. The rails are super bladey and slightly turned down for performance. On the bottom, Nick placed a mellow rolled entry that blends into a healthy dose of spiral vee to the rear of the finbox, before transitioning to flat at the very tip of the tail. This egg is also pretty flat, but has a nice subtle curve throughout. 

*Fin Not Included

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