7'4" Tanner Hull

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7'4" x 22" x 3 1/8"

Shaped by Tanner Prairie of Costa Mesa, this board is a nod to the displacement hulls of the late 1960s. The outline is very similar to the displacement sleds of that era, however, the nose and tail are slightly more pulled in, making for better maneuverability from the front half of the board. The rails are also moderately altered from the classic foil of displacement hulls; they are a tad fuller allowing for full rail engagement but also more forgiving rail-to-rail surfing, especially from the tail. The bottom is fully bellied, of course, and the rocker is minimal with the slightest of S-curves residing on the deck. Paired with a 9.5” narrow-base flex fin such as the GL Flex, this board flies down the line and allows for smooth transitions from one section to the next.

*No fin included

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