7'2" Fantastic Acid Anti-Static Hull

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Tristan Mausse of Fantastic Acid is one of the premier hull shapers of today. He creates his own iterations of classic displacement hull designs, resulting in boards that are unlike any other. Tristan's boards are incredibly fast trimming machines that draw long lines on rail. As he is located in France, we were lucky enough to snag a couple of his shapes, which he made while he was recently in town!

The Anti-Static hull features a wide-point forward outline with a slightly pulled in nose, but a very pulled in pin tail. The rail foil is on the extreme side, with the roundest foil near the wide point, becoming more and more extreme as either end is approached. A hard edge resides tucked under a very foiled rail near the fin box through the exit. The bottom contour consists of a heavily bellied entry that blends into a slight vee at midboard, before flattening out through the tail. This combination of contours allows the rider to sit in trim at high speeds while positioned in the front third of the board, while also being able to put it on rail while positioned near mid board. The hard edge in the tail maintains speed and bite through turns. Paired with a moderate S-deck, this modern hull will send you to mach 5!

*Fin Not Included

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