7'2" Elmore Submarine

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7'2" x 21" x 2 3/4" 

*No Fin Included

Troy Elmore is a local shredder who lives and shapes in Costa Mesa. He's one of those kind of guys that can surf extremely well on a diverse lineup of surfboards - logs, fishes, bonzers, and everything in between. Troy's talents in the water correlate with his talents on land especially when it comes to shaping, he might be known best for his Skip Frye inspired fishes but he also excels at shaping midlengths and logs.

Elmore has been shaping some beautiful vee bottoms and surfing phenomenally on them! We couldn't help but spread the love and get one on our rack for a special person to enjoy. This Vee Bottom feels relatively narrow and thin in comparison to a more Transition Era/Hot Generation style vee bottom that takes on more of a wide point back, wide tail, full nose style outline. The rolled entry comes from the nose into the bottom two thirds of the board to where it transitions into a light vee out the tail. The rails are boxy and forgiving with a sharp trailing edge out the tail. This is a versatile midlength for those looking for a nice balance of turnability and effortless glide. 

Looking to test out one of Elmore's boards? We have some available through the Daydream Research Center, you can test out a 7'2" Elmore Submarine here.  

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