7'10" Ryan Lovelace Thick Lizzy

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The Thick Lizzy is another great performance oriented midlength developed by Ryan Lovelace. Similar to Lovelace's vBowls model in essence, but with some twists that make this board arguably more versatile. The Thick Lizzy is shaped like a miniature glider with the same nose and tail template for a balanced outline that allows for more play with the upper half of the board than the vBowls which can be touchy to surf forward due to its narrow nose. The Thick Lizzy has a 70/30 style down rail with a triplane bottom contour that fades into a double concave through the tail. This is a great daily driver as it can bite and hold in steeper sections, shred on larger faces, and coast through soft or small surf.

Looking to test out one of Ryan's Thick Lizzies? We have a 7'4" available for members to try out here.

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