7'0" Gato Heroi Acid Drop

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The Acid Drop is Gato Heroi's latest rendition of one of their longest standing models, the Acid. When talking to the shaper, Robin Kegel, he explained that this board was developed after a long conversation with surfing legend Wayne Lynch regarding the infamous 1969 surf film, Evolution. They discussed how surfboard design progressed throughout the film and the various parallels that Lynch has witnessed in Kegel's shaping. 

The final product... a wide point forward performance oriented hull with a nicely pointed nose and a rounded pin tail. The bottom contour is lightly rolled in the nose and transitions to a spiral vee towards the fin! Spiral vee is very unusual to see from Kegel, that is direct design influence from Lynch. These boards are thin but have somewhat of a boxy rail foil in comparison to Kegel's knifey blades he's know for. The rails start turned up in the nose, transition to 50/50 through the middle, and turn down towards the tail with a sharp trailing edge that starts several inches above the fin. The rocker profile is moderate with a little more flip in the nose and a nicely blended, low tail rocker. These Acid Drops are complete with a wedge stringer that starts thick in the nose and tapers to thin in the tail allowing for a little more flex in the tail. This is truly a great all around midlength that can surf a wide variety of small, large, soft, or steep surf! 

Looking to test out one of Gato Heroi's Acid Drops? We have a 7'2" available for members of our Research Center to test out here.

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