6'9" Alex Knost BMT Needle

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Between recording albums, touring, going on surf trips, and managing the Costa Mesa Conceptual Art Center, Costa Mesa's Alex Knost manages to squeeze in some time to shape some select sleds.

The Needle is a contemporary refinement of the classic 1970's style down rail single fin. The outline is a classic 70's style, narrow pin tail with a very subtle wing, wide point forward, and a pointed beak nose. The bottom contour is neutral, flat for most of the way down the board with a slight vee beginning about half way down the board and gradually increasing as it moves towards the tail. The rail foil is boxy and down railed with a sharp edge starting a little above the fin box. The rocker profile abides by the classic 70's style with a low tail rocker and a little more flip in the nose. Ask Knost and he'll tell you these boards work in everything; however, due to the parameters described above, we'd say this model would have a comparative advantage in dumpy, barreling beach break surf as well as mid-size and up softer waves that allow for exploring more of the surfboards turning ability. 

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