6'8" Alex Knost BMT Bonzer

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Between recording albums, touring, going on surf trips, and running the Costa Mesa Conceptual Art Center, Costa Mesa's Alex Knost manages to squeeze in some time to shape some select sleds.

New from BMT this sled is a combination of a couple different design ideas we've been seeing from Alex lately. This bonzer egg is very shreddy feeling with soflty foiled rails and a rolled bottom that transitions into smooth bonzer concave running through the fins. The rocker is relatively flat with just a bit of lift in the nose and tail. We love seeing these different iterations of the bonzer and how much Al has pushed the design in respect to the Campbell Brothers.

*No Fin Included

Want to test surf some of Knost's designs? Check out the Discos and one of Al's personal logs by becoming a member of the Daydream Research Center.

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