6'6" Jon Wegener Sluth Alaia

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Jon Wegener is perhaps the most influential and well-known wooden board builder in the modern age. He specializes in equipment that could be considered the oldest form of the surfboard: finless wooden planks called alaias! Emphasizing sustainability and purity, Jon pays homage to surfing's Polynesian roots by crafting his alaias with all natural materials such as the durable, yet light and floaty Paulownia wood.

The Sluth has a more classic outline than the Peanut: it has a squared off tail and a widepoint in the nose. Similarly, the Sluth has a bellied entry and single concave that runs from about halfway through the tail. This board in particular is great for those who are new to alaias, or those who want a classic to fit in their quiver. 

*No fins required*

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