6'10" Alex Knost BMT Enhanced Needle

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Between recording albums, touring, going on surf trips, and running the Costa Mesa Conceptual Art Center, Costa Mesa's Alex Knost manages to squeeze in some time to shape some select sleds.

The Enhanced Needle is a narrow yet full mix between a 70s-style downrailer and a bonzer. It features a slightly aft widepoint and a rather pulled in nose and slightly winged pintail. The rails are pretty full and turned down, making for a forgiving and flowy feel that has just enough bite. On the bottom, Alex has placed a pretty subtle contour. The entry is flat, but transitions nicely into a mellow rolled vee just below midboard, which becomes more exaggerated through the tail. The Enhanced Needle is slightly curvier than we're used to seeing from Alex, but the rocker profile definitely lends to more critical surfing in steeper waves.

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