6'8" Liddle Death Machine

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6'8" x 21 3/4" x 2 7/8"

The hulliest of them all... The Death Machine is one of Greg Liddle's most beautiful designs, the sweeping s-deck gradually builds thicker starting from the tail up through the back third of the board then slowly thinning out as the inflection point of the curve aligns with the wide point which is set forward from center. The valley of the s-deck is reached in the top third of the board as it converges with the slope of the nose rocker to begin its incline towards the end of the nose. The forgiving entry rocker is balanced with a large amount of surface area in the nose which then tapers softly in the classic Liddle teardrop outline that pulls out an elongated, narrow round tail. The rail is extremely foiled, you'd never believe that it hides a 2 7/8" thickness in the center since over an inch of foam is shaved down by the time it's been tapered to it's 50/50 rail which keeps its rounded shape all the way throughout the tail. The displacement hull runs the entire length of the board and holds the shape of its convexity from nose to tail.

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