6’2” Slob Craft Elastic Clock

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Andrew Doheney is a local surfer/shaper whose boards we have been wanting to get into the shop for some time now. If you've seen Andrew surf before you can probably come up with a good idea of how his boards are meant to be ridden. Down the line speed paired with powerful turns are what's on the agenda. The Big Thruster is no exception. The outline is very reminiscent of late 80s/early 90s power sleds: narrow and pointy. The rails are foiled out nicely, lending to high speed maneuvers, with a hard edge that extends well in front of the fins through the tail. On the bottom of the Big Thruster, Andrew placed a mellow single concave entry that flows into an even more mellow double concave in front of the fins, to a slight vee out the tail. As far as rocker, this board is relatively flat, but features a nice flip in the nose. Get ready to go fast and blow through powerful arcs, because this step up will have you channelling your inner Droid!

*Fins included

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