5'10" Son of Cobra Round Pin Twin

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5'10" x 20.25" x 2.63"

Paul Lefevre is an extremely talented French craftsman who splits his time between France and Costa Mesa. He can tackle any building project from cars to surfboards and is perhaps one of the most talented abstract resin artists in the surfing community today. All that aside, Lefevre shapes some sleds that are unparalleled! This is the ultimate cross between a higher volume, shorter board and a performance twin that works incredibly well in steep, punchy surf. The outline is fairly full with a bit broader nose than tail. The rail foil is boxy and forgiving with more thickness pushed towards the nose while the tail is a little more thinned out. The rocker profile is fairly flat with a bit more rocker in the tail. Flip this board over to reveal a super interesting bottom contour that exhibits somewhat of a bell curve shape with a dramatic double concave that is pushed out towards the rails. Even though this is a more upright/Mark Richards style twin without a trailer, the bottom contour in conjunction with the pulled in round pin tail allows for a ton of hold especially in more critical parts of the wave. 

*Fins Not Included

Looking to test out one of Paul's Round Pin Twins? We have one available for members of the Daydream Research Center to test out here.

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