5'6" Jesse Guglielmana Shovel Fish (Used)

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5'6" 21" x 2 1/2"

Jesse Guglielmana is a local shredder/shaper who has more recently come onto the shaping scene. He crafts traditionally-inspired surfboards with modern curves that allow for high performance surfing on relatively traditional lines. Jesse absolutely rips anything from a skateboard to fish to a log, not to mention he's an incredibly talented artist and clothing designer too.

The Shovel Fish model is a slightly modified version of a traditional fish. It has a wider, rounder nose that packs foam under the chest, while maintaining a classic pulled in swallow tail. The rails are moderately foiled, riding that ideal medium between bladey and beefy. On the bottom, Jesse has placed a single concave entry that extends almost all the way through the tail, where it is met with a subtle vee at the apex of the swallow tail. Jesse also included a groove that runs along each rail near the fins, creating grip by forcing water to flow along the fins. Rocker, as on most fishes, is pretty minimal, but does include a balanced curve with a slight flip in the nose. Among our first batch of boards from Jesse, this particular Shovel Fish features some of Jesse's art on both the bottom and deck. Check it out in the photo reel!

*Fins Included

DISCLAIMER- All boards are in used condition. Some boards have dings, scratches, and pressure dents. 

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