5'5" Space Time Fish

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5'5" x 20 1/2" x 2 2/3"

Alrik Yuill shapes under the label Space Time Surfboards based out of his fine art studio in Costa Mesa. He's a notable multimedia artist who works across mediums from sculpture to painting and shaping. His boards are  built with a goal of longevity, he builds boards using EPS blanks reinforced with carbon fiber inlays disguised by 6 oz and 6.9 oz X-cloth on the deck and 6 oz with a 4 oz X-cloth tail patch on the bottom. Everything Yuill constructs is customized, even down to the flex pattern he's looking for with the use of these materials. In addition, this fish is paired with custom designed, hand foiled fins. The bottom contours start with a rolled vee forward with a single concave emerging between the fin lines and transitioning into a vee out the tail. The speed and lift oriented bottom contour is balanced by the deck and rail foil to create a nuanced hold that delivers tight radius turns in steep and critical parts of the wave. 

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