5'3" Elmore Frye'd Fish

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5'3" x 20" x 2 5/16"

Troy Elmore is a local shredder who lives and shapes in Costa Mesa. He's one of those kind of guys that can rip a diverse lineup of surfboards - logs, fishes, and everything in between. Troy's talents in the water correlate with his talents on land especially when it comes to shaping, he might be known best for his Skip Frye inspired fishes but he also excels at shaping midlengths and logs.

This fish is a contemporary refinement of the "retro twin fin" with a roughly 6" deep swallow tail and beak nose. Starting from the nose, the flat bottom smooths into a single concave that begins about half way down the board and quickly transitions into a double concave that extends through the twin keels and out the swallow. The slightly domed deck holds a nice fullness as it tapers to a forgiving rail with a sharp trailing edge that begins about six inches above the fins. The distribution of foam is akin to the classic fish inspiration with the wide point forward and a larger proportion of foam devoted to the nose while the tail pulled in and streamlined. 

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