5'10" Andreini Bullet

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Marc Andreini needs no introduction, he's one of the most renowned surfboards builders living today. His Bullet model is his lower volume shreddy single fin with side bites.  The outline is full with a plump nose and tail while the bottom contours start with a light roll in the nose that quickly transitions into a single concave and into a double concave out the tail. The rails are boxy and full with a sharp, shortboard like trailing edge starting by the side bites. The rocker profile has a bit of flip in the nose but is rather flat out the tail. This board in particular comes equipped with 101 bamboo side bites with a beautiful flex pattern as well as A-Flex (named after Andreini) fin paired by Andreini himself. This is a great board for soft waves of all types - small, big, long, short. 

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