10'1" Keyo Trym Semi Glider

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Keyo is a new brand to our racks, but one that is deeply rooted in surf history. From the late 50s until now, Keyo has been serving the Sydney area as well as many other parts of the globe with classic and modern Australian designs. Names like Midget Farrelley, Bob McTavish, and Nat Young have been associated with the label, and we're so stoked to get a piece of that history in our shop!

The Trym is exactly what it sounds like: a trimming machine! It has a widepoint-centered outline, a full pointed nose, and pulled in square tail. The rail foil is knifey, slicing through water with ease, but just full enough to release that sticky feeling that can make a rail hard to disengage. On the bottom, the Trym has a pretty mellow combination of contours: slight belly to rolled vee to flat. As far as rocker, the Trym is really flat, with a subtle curve throughout. Take this board out at your favorite loggin wave to experience a different approach to longboarding!

*Fin Not Included

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