6'10" Elmore Pusher (Used)

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Troy Elmore is a local shredder who lives and shapes in Costa Mesa. He's one of those kind of guys that can rip a diverse lineup of surfboards - logs, bonzers, fishes and everything in between. Troy's talents in the water correlate with his talents on land especially when it comes to shaping, he's known for hand shaping quality surf crafts across a spectrum of different designs. The Pusher is one of Troy's shreddier midlengths. The outline resembles an MP style board with a more snub nose. The rail foil is a bit more foiled then the Egg and Submarine and the single to double concave give the rider more control when going through turns. The rocker is low and down the line speed is enjoyed in a smooth fashion. 

*Fin Not Included

DISCLAIMER- All boards are in used condition. Some boards have dings, scratches, and pressure dents. 

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