11'1" Tanner Scout (Used)

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11'1" x 23 " x 3 1/4"

Tanner Prairie is a local Costa Mesa based board builder who knows how to shape incredibly fun boards for Orange County surf. Tanner is a well respected craftsman and extremely talented surfer. Drawing inspiration from surfing and board design from the late 1950's to early 1960's. The Scout Glider outline is quite parallel with the wide point sitting just above center of the board. The rails begin with a nice foil in the nose that transition to a fuller more forgiving foil towards the middle of the board and trail down to a hard edge just before the end of the tail. The bottom contour starts slightly rolled in the nose, then quickly enters a tri-plane hull and ends with a good amount of spiral vee through the tail. The rocker profile is relatively flat with just a bit of flip in the nose. The Scout Glider will have trimming through sections on the smallest of days, or take it out when the surf stands up a bit more if you dare...

*Fin Not Included*

DISCLAIMER- All boards are in used condition. Some boards have dings, scratches, and pressure dents. 

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