9'0" Liddle Super Smoothie

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9'0" x 23" x 3 1/8"

Greg Liddle's Super Smoothie is similar to his lower volume displacement hull cohorts but stretched out to a larger size. The Super Smoothie has a full outline with the wide point forward from center, lots of width forward, and a narrow, pulled in tail. The bottom contour is heavily rolled in the nose and stays convex most of the way through before flattening out towards the tail. The rail foil is that of the classic Liddle style - thick in the center with a really knifey, thinned out rail. The rocker profile is pretty curvy but well blended with a little more flip in the nose and a bit flatter out the tail. This is an ideal surfboard for the elevated wave rider looking for peaceful, high speed rides with minimal effort.

Remember, hulls are not for everyone, there's a very particular way displacement hulls like to be ridden, if one attempts to impart too much of their own ways on a hull you'll find yourself struggling. On the other hand, if you're able to sit back and let the hull surf you, everything will flow much more naturally. 

*Fin included, with custom paint job from Kirk Putnam!*

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