Short-Term Memberships
$ 50.00

Short-Term Memberships

In town for the day, weekend, or just enough time to catch some waves out front? Drop into the Daydream Research Center for our Day Pass to get a taste of the world class sleds that we've curated for our members!

On a surf trip in SoCal? Looking to get involved in the Daydream Research Center without committing to a full month? Sign up for a Week Pass to access the full quiver of DRC sleds for 7 days. With this option, you can ride a single board for the duration of your membership, or switch it out for other boards as often as you'd like!

Join the Daydream Research Center and begin experimenting with a diverse quiver of quality surfboards. If you have questions regarding board selection, please contact us or cruise into the shop and we'll get you dialed in with a great board for the waves in the area and the current swell in the water. Upon purchasing a Membership, you can email us to reserve a board for specific days or walk in and pick from whats available. Please review our Terms & Conditions for the Research Center Membership in detail before purchasing. 

As a brief disclaimer, the Daydream Research Center curates a selection of boards that are best suited for intermediate or higher skill level. The design attributes of these boards can be difficult for those with less surfing experience to enjoy. For surfers who are just starting out, we highly recommend learning on surfboards that are designed for beginners and are happy to help point you in the right direction to find shops that have boards available for your needs. We want to create the best experience for our members and align them with boards that complement their skill level.