8'0" Deepest Reaches Mega Fish

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8'0" x 22 1/2" x 2 5/8"

Kyle Albers, the man behind Deepest Reaches, creates some really interesting surfboards. Hand shaped in Irvine, California, Kyle thinks outside the box and isn't limited by preconceived notions of what a surfboard should be like. This rejection of categorical thinking leads one to designs such as this... a fish that is much longer than a traditional fish and surfs in a very interesting way. The Mega Fish makes beautiful, sweeping turns that leverage the boards length through its swing weight allowing the rider to draw fish-style lines in a really graceful fashion. In many ways, this board does all the work for you, simply position yourself in the right place and let the cosmic Mega Fish vibes flow. The sweet spot for the Mega Fishes are much further back than you'd expect, when turning this board you're going to want to be roughly over the fins to several inches above the fins, the further back you are the tighter you'll be able to bank turns.

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