Surfboard Raffle

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Who wants to win a surfboard?! Imagine you could walk into our shop and pick out any board on the rack to call your own!? Well, guess what? We're hosting a raffle to do just that! Buy your tickets to our surfboard raffle now, we'll be holding a live broadcast of the drawing on the day of our Daydream Makers Market.

- Tickets are $20/pop
- Entries are unlimited, so the more times you enter, the higher the likeliness of winning
- We'll raffle off one board for every 100 tickets sold (200 tickets sold = 2 boards to 2 people, 300 tickets sold = 3 boards to 3 people, etc.)
- Winners are responsible for picking up their board or paying for transportation* 
- Winners will be drawn at 2pm in-store on Saturday, March 25th. Those who are present get to pick first so we highly recommend you hanging out in person. Those not present will pick in the order they're selected. 
- Runner ups gets a Daydream Penelope Tee
- Tickets can be purchased in-store or online up until the hour before the raffle. When purchasing online, please include an email and phone number at checkout (no phone number required for international customers).

*If you're unfamiliar with shipping surfboards, we usually work with a specific shipping service known as MapCargo who specifically specializes in shipping surfboards and other large, delicate items. Their shipping rates can be pretty expensive relative to normal shipments. 

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