Sun Damage Featuring Gato Heroi

Sun Damage Featuring Gato Heroi

We're so jazzed to be the first California stop on the tour of the new Gato Heroi short film, Sun Damage produced by the good folks over at Wild Things Gallery! Cruise by the shop Friday, May 24th at 7pm to catch the new video followed by some classics including Morning of the Earth and Greg Liddle's cult classic, Down the Line. 

Sun Damage is a four part movie by Dom Sullivan produced by Wild Things, in association with CRÈME and Gato Herói. The movie was mainly filmed around Byron and Noosa in Oz and in CA and features surfing from Kai Ellice-Flint, Kahu Andronicus, Myles Doughman, Andy Findlay, Harry Reid, Maddy Gross, Max Weston, Robin Falxa, Jack Lynch and more

1. 'Revivialised' by The Wheelers of Oz.
2. 'Pipe Dreams' by Regular Spread
3. 'Faceless Man' by the Family Jordan
4. 'Berg' by the Dolla Llamas.

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