Spoons: A Santa Barbara Story

Spoons: A Santa Barbara Story

Spoons: A Santa Barbara Story

We were so stoked when our friend Dana Shaw told us about this incredible project he was working on editing called Spoons: A Santa Barbara Story! And what a story this film is turning out to be!

There is so much rich surf history that has been coming out of Santa Barbara since the inception of surf culture all the way up to current day contemporaries. Whether you're aware of it or not, all surfers draw some sort of inspiration from Santa Barbra's surfing legacy. Flip your board over... Does it have a rakey fin? The answer is probably yes and you can thank Santa Barbara's George Greenough for developing that concept. Are you someone that enjoys the drive and flow of power surfing? You can thank Santa Barbara's Al Merrick and Tom Curren for pushing much of that concept to it's limit. Marc Andreini is another remarkable figure in surf history who really got his whole career off the ground in Santa Barbara before moving to Northern California. Younger up and coming shapers based out of Santa Barbara such as Ryan Lovelace are also making a name for themselves and the next generation of local shredders. And of course you can't forget about Renny Yater, the bad ass Godfather of Santa Barbara surfing, inventor of the Yater Spoon and still shaping at 87 years old! There are so many more that we could include in this list but the bottom line is that Santa Barbara has and continues to be on the forefront of surfboard design.

All of these stories and more will be brought to light in this film! We can't wait to check out the World Premiere at the 2019 Santa Barbara International Film Festival, pick your tickets up now while you still can. These cats are also down to the final moments of their Kickstarter fund as well. Contribute to a great project and get some goodies in return such as a raffle to win a Trimcraft sled or a Merrick Black Beauty amongst other rad prizes!

 Hope to see you at the Premiere! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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