New Film Series with Jack Coleman: Field Notes

New Film Series with Jack Coleman: Field Notes

New Film Series with Jack Coleman: Field Notes

We have been working on some really rad film projects with our buddy, Jack Coleman, who also happens to be one of our favorite film makers. We decided to call the series Field Notes playing off the academia inspired nature of the Daydream Research Center as a drop in the bucket in terms of surfboard design research. We have a ton of really talented surfers and board builders revolving around Daydream's orbit, we figured it was about time to document some of our trials in surfboard experimentation for others to enjoy and reflect on. The Field Notes are usually shot in a single session in an effort to display the fun, light hearted nature of the empirical analysis that goes along with understanding board design at a deeper level. 

In this episode, we're joined by some local Research Assistants: Grant Noble, Joey Bookout, Kyle Kennelly, and Troy Elmore surfing the following boards. 

Research Quiver:

5'2" Stpnk Keel Fish

5'2" Stpnk Paddle Keel Fish

5'5" Elmore Frye'd Fish

5'6" Zippifish (Not in Daydream Research Center)

7'0" Fineline MP

7'10" Liddle Baby V

The glassy, small, and punchy beach breaks of Newport provide a fantastic testing facility for a diverse spectrum of surfboards. On this beautiful morning we find Grant Noble, Joey Bookout, Kyle Kennelly, and Troy Elmore sharing some fun, playful waves on the surfboards mentioned above.

Troy Elmore is surfing one of his self shaped 5'5" Elmore Frye'd Fish, nearly identical to the 5'4" Elmore Frye'd Fish we have as apart of our Research Center. We'll often hear from Members of our Research Center that their favorite fish models oscillate between Elmores and STPNKs. Kyle Kennelly is bouncing between the Research Center's 7'0" Fineline MP and 7'10" Liddle Baby V, great boards for effortless trimming and relaxed, low performance gliding. Joey Bookout was drawing graceful and unique lines on his own board that isn't apart of our Research Center. Joey is one of our favorite local shredders, the cat has style for days! Don't worry, we'll catch him on one of our Research Center sleds next session.

The most interesting conclusion of the day was from Grant. He was trading off between the Daydream Research Center's Griffin Stepanek (STPNK) Keel and Paddle Keel Fish models. The Paddle Keel fin design can scare people but Grant found that trading off between the standard Keel Fish and Paddle Keel allowed him to hold most of the other variables constant and focus on the differences between the fins. Grant's conclusion was that the Paddle Keels seemed to have a sort of rubber band resonance that would allow him to spring out of his turns more and aided in reducing drag. He also remarked that the fins seemed to allow for more control and responsiveness especially at higher speeds. If Grant were to see both in the rack of our Research Center, he'd most definitely choose to ride the Paddle Keel Fish.

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