I Dream of Coffee

I Dream of Coffee

I Dream of Coffee

For many, ordering coffee is their first human interaction of the day. This means we, the purveyors of coffee, often get to set the tone for how that day may go. We do not take that responsibility lightly. This may seem like the tiniest interaction, just a blip on the radar of someone’s entire day. But we want to make that a positive and impactful blip.

Our philosophy on coffee at Daydream starts with the people its being served to. We as coffee professionals care deeply about our craft, sometimes to fault. We strive to never lose sight of the fact that we are still a service industry. A company in service to our community. We are not only trying to serve the best coffee but are also working to create an environment that fosters creativity, camaraderie, and good vibes. We hope to be a space for people to come and feel comfortable being themselves and interacting with likeminded individuals.

A wise man once said, “Coffee is a catalyst.” By that, he meant it is the fuel for the conversations and interactions we have whilst enjoying it. It brings us together on a common ground. On that common ground, we can start to discover other things we mutually enjoy or, better yet, have our eyes opened to new possibilities and realities that we never considered before.

Through this blog, we hope to accomplish a few missions. We want to connect you with our staff. We’ll be doing interviews and write-ups on each of the Daydream family members to help you get to know them better and to show the world what an amazing crew we have. We will also be using the blog to help educate people about specialty coffee. We’ll be exploring the journey from cherry to cup, touching on the different origins of coffee, the different processing methods, how we import and export coffee and lastly, how we roast and serve coffee. Along the way, we’ll be debunking myths about coffee and the industry that have spread around.

If this all sounds like your cup of tea (or coffee) stayed tuned for all we’ve mentioned and more in the coming weeks! Along the way, let us know what topics you might like us to touch on pertaining to the specialty coffee industry and stop by whenever you're in town to hang with us!


Photography by Jach McKeown

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