Free Public Coffee Cupping

Free Public Coffee Cupping

Hi folks, we're jazzed to announce that we are hosting our first free public cupping here at Daydream! Join us Saturday, July 22nd from 1-2pm to taste and learn about some delicious coffees from Sightglass! 

To learn more about some of the coffees we'll be tasting, please read the detailed descriptions below. We look forward to having you join us!

Colombia, Finca Alcatraz, Wilfredo Ule Vargas: Finca Alcatraz and the fine gentleman who owns and operates it, Wilfredo Ule Vargas, are near and dear to our hearts. Our relationship with Wilfredo is our oldest and strongest. In a real way, we have grown our businesses and lives together. On his farm, Wilfredo exceptionally produces Caturra, Typica and Bourbon. With each visit, Wilfredo is proud to share with us the strides he is making toward progressive and new developments in processing. Above his house he has constructed a covered drying patio complete with thermometer, moisture reader, and variable airflow mechanisms. Over the years, Wilfredo has managed to rebuild his entire house with the money he has received for his coffees, increasing the quality of life for his family immensely. Wilfredo’s passion for improvement and endless curiosity have proven to be his greatest assets as a coffee professional. We hope you enjoy the fruits of Wilfredo’s efforts as much as we do. 

Colombia, Alcatraz + Florestales: This exquisite collaboration of high quality coffee was produced by two of Sightglass' most essential Colombian producers, Wilfredo Ule and Maximino Gutierrez. Maximino's pure Yellow Caturra, paired with Wilfredo's Bourbon combine and make a memorable cup. Exactly what you would expect from two highly skilled coffee producers.

Colombia, La Laguna, William Torres: A short ride into the hills north of Pitalito, sits Finca La Laguna - named after the nearby Guaitipan Lagoon. William Fernando Torres operates the farm with his family and cultivates delicious coffee. Beyond having an in-depth knowledge of the exceptional terroir where his coffee is grown, William ensures the best cup profile by handling each step of the process with care. He hand-picks the ripest cherries, ferments the coffee for 24 hours, and then dries the parchment for around 15 days.

Ethiopia, Yetatebe, Shakisso: A Sightglass exclusive, a tremendous fully washed coffee from Shakisso in southern Ethiopia. This coffee comes from an estate well regarded in its region as sun-drying experts, winning various awards for their excellent profiles of naturally processed coffees. Many of the heirloom varieties that grow wild in and around the highlands of southern Ethiopia, where Yetatebe is located, are some of the finest and most sought after coffees on the planet. 

Rwanda, Kageyo Station, Ngororero: Sightglass is proud to be roasting coffee from the Kageyo Coop Station for the third year in a row. Many of the members who deliver cherry to the station are also part owners and all share the responsibilities of running the station. Kageyo is situated a bit higher in elevation, nestled in the mountains of the Ngororero District, where this subtle change in elevation from farm to washing station yields a coffee with much more sweetness and complexity than its lower elevation neighbors. An elegant coffee, with delicate notes of Earl Grey, a baked peach sweetness, and soft, whipped cream fnish.


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