Field Notes 25

Field Notes 25

Field Notes 25:   Kandai Otsuka

In this episode of Field Notes, we'd like to introduce a new shredder to our channel that's no stranger to the Southern California surf scene, Kandai Otsuka! He's as fly looking on a surfboard as he is out of the water, if you don't believe us, check out his instagram:

Born in Japan, Kandai moved to Australia as a teenager and after graduating high school moved to the US. You can find him jazzing up the line up at San O, Oceanside, and Pipes to name a few of his favorite spots to surf... although this day was especially unique as it was Kandai's first session on our Elmore Step Deck (drop by the shop to demo this board

He has a lot of interesting projects he's apart of but you should give What started as a word made up to parallel stoke has turned into somewhat of a brand and platform for collaboration between Kandai, Woodin Surfboards, Jungmaven, and friends. To round out this short, he's also an early ambassador for @ambientwetsuits, beautiful Japanese wetsuits that will be landing at Daydream next year... you know how much we love our Japanese rubber! Hope this gets you excited to surf and when you see Kandai in the water please tell him thank you for shredding.

Video by Josh Walker

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