Field Notes 23

Field Notes 23

Field Notes 23: featuring Kahu Andronicus with Gato Heroi Chop Op

Well, we've all been waiting for Robin Kegel to grace us with his presence here in the states and we've been lucky enough to secure some of his hand shaped Gato Herois for our shop from his forthcoming batch! These boards move through the water like nothing else, there's truly no one who can touch Kegel when it comes to transition era inspired surfboard design. It takes a special kind of skill and style to ride these boards the way they need to be ridden and who could display this better than Kahu Andronicus? We want to see more surfing like this on boards like this! If you've sipped on the Kool-Aid and need more knifey railed, flat rockered, convex bottomed wave javelins then shoot us a message and we'll keep you in the loop with the Gato sticks that are coming to the shop.

Film by Clement Maillet
Thumbnail by Zach of

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