Field Notes 21

Field Notes 21

Field Notes 21

We're back with another episode of Field Notes featuring our very own Sydney Morris and Jack Wineke - two very talented shredders that also run the show at Daydream, Jack is our shop manager and Syd is a jack of all trades working behind the cafe bar as a barista as well as the retail side of the shop. Also gracing us with his presence in this short is Troy Elmore. Syd and Troy are both shredding Elmore Stepdecks and Jack is surfing a log shaped by his friend Zack Schroeder. Worth noting, all three logs are low rocker rolled bottom sticks. We LOVE our rolled bottom logs because they are so fast and flow so well! Enjoy these goofy footers sharing some surf and hopefully this spreads some stoke for getting you into the ocean.

Troy Elmore ~ 9'7" Elmore Stepdeck
Syd Morris ~ 9'5" Elmore Stepdeck
Jack Wineke ~ 9'5" Schroeder Pepper Tree (this model is available for demo!)

Thank you to Nico Ramos for shooting and editing this episode!


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