Daydream Surf Club: A Center for Hullistic Medicine & Alternative Surfboard Experimentation

Daydream Surf Club: A Center for Hullistic Medicine & Alternative Surfboard Experimentation

Alternative surfboards are hands down my most passionate aspect of our surf shop. Not only am I obsessed with riding everything from hulls to bonzers to fishes to logs, it’s something that I feel really connected to in terms of it’s connection to the evolving landscape of surf culture. There’s definitely a shift afoot in the surfing world – more shapers and shops are supplying folks with alternative shapes and there is definitely a growing demand from open minded wave sliders. One aspect that seems to have helped aid this shift is the growing availability of these board from rad shop like Mollusk, Surfy Surfy, Pilgrim, etc. which has allowed more folks to try boards that they didn’t know that they liked. That being said, alternative boards take a very high level of craftsmanship to design and shape, which means that these boards have a higher, yet justified cost. Through our surf club at Daydream, we plan to allow this shift to expand by letting folks test out alternative boards so that you can lower the risk of purchasing a board that you may not like and increase the probability of you expanding your horizons as a surfer. I am also really excited to increase the rate at which information is shared about alternative boards to break down the information asymmetry that exists under the current pace of evolutionary shapes. Examples of this shift can be seen all over the world but it definitely seems to be concentrated in Southern California where we honorably house some of the best alternative surfboard sculptors including Ryan Lovelace, Ryan Burch, Rob Machado, Alex Knost, Brian Hilbers, Kyle Albers, Klaus Jones, Bob Mitsven, Chris Christenson, Renny Yater, Scott Anderson, Manny Mandala, Malcolm Campbell, Gary Hanel, Tanner Prairie, Tyler Warren and a host of young up and coming shapers that are leading the way in keeping the momentum of this shift alive. Below are some brief bullet points on the details of our surf club and how you can get involved.   

What boards will be available:

  • Hulls, sams, vintage logs, vee bottoms, eggs, 70’s style single fins, bonzers, fishes, mini simmons, finless and quasi-finless boards, and anything else that evolves!

How to get involved:

  • We are offering a limited number of people to access the surf club quiver, if interested please email us at for further discussion. Others will be able to purchase session based packages for as few as 3 days or as much as an unlimited month of experimentation. The unlimited monthly package will also come with some nice perks such as the ability to reserve a board for multiple days

What are the goals of this surf club?

  • To educate and accelerate the information shared through surfboard experimentation
  • Increase the probability of folks purchasing boards they know they are going to love
  • Increase aggregate stoke levels!

How do you envision the interaction at Daydream with surf club members?

  • I hope that our surf club members will stop by for their morning cup of coffee, discuss their intentions for the day and how the correct pairing of a particular wave and a particular board might help inspire and balance them as they navigate their post-surf activities
  • This is definitely intended to be a long term relationship, we want folks to come back from their session and share information with us such as what you liked or disliked or how the experience differed from their expectations
  • An ongoing diognostic analysis will be documented to keep track of what is or isn’t working 

Who is the ideal surf club member?

  • An open minded surfer who sees the ocean as a source energy for positivity, somewhere they go develop a relaxed awakening, tap into nature, and set an intention

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