Case Study 03 Troy Elmore

Case Study 03 Troy Elmore

Case Study 03 Troy Elmore

In Episode Three of our Case Study series, we get to look under the hood of Elmore Surfboards and tap into the inspiration that makes this Costa Mesa legend's sleds so magical. 

Troy Elmore is multifaceted craftsman and surfer. He's one of the few shapers out there that can surf all styles of surfboards in the broad spectrum that exists. He can truly ride everything with a skill level that's unmatched in terms of style, grace, and flow. From fishes, thrusters, and bonzers to eggs, vee bottoms, and logs, Elmore is able to consistently surf his vast array of boards allowing him to create this incredibly valuable feedback loop to iterate his designs until they're absolutely perfect. 

Craftsmanship is the underlying theme for Elmore's hobbies. When he's not surfing or mowing foam you can find him skating or biking. The motorcycles that Elmore builds are nothing short of show stopping, not only are they beautiful and clean looking but they they allow for consistent creative evolutionary path for functional design.

Make your way over to our Research Center tab to see Elmore's current stash of sleds available for demo! We also have a rotating selection of new Elmore boards available to call your own. Don't see exactly what you're looking for? Shoot us an email and we can help consult you or get a custom Elmore rolling!  

Thank you to Michael Cukr for filming, editing, and podding! Additional footage from Jordan Minardi.


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