Beverage Director Jason Ferrall on Cat & Cloud's New Video

Beverage Director Jason Ferrall on Cat & Cloud's New Video

Cat & Cloud is one of the best specialty coffee roasters out there which makes it an easy choice for our go to milk based espresso amongst other bevs here at Daydream. Meaning, if you've had a latte, cappuccino, gibraltar, or macchiato at our shop over the last year then you've had some of the smooth and well rounded goodness that the folks over at Cat & Cloud have been roasting up!

Cat & Cloud has an epic goal of being a resource for great coffee as well as a resource for a broad spectrum of content. Whether you're looking to kick back and listen to some entertaining podcasts or dive deeper into the ways that Cat & Cloud is working to reinvent internal business culture as we know it, there's plenty of rad stuff to check out on their website and instagram. Check out our Beverage Director, Jason Ferrall, on Cat & Cloud's Partner Corner! He breaks down some of the things that we're doing to stay sane through these very... interesting times.

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