Unity Sourcing & Roasting Mexico Lucas Santiz Natural
$ 26.00

Unity Sourcing & Roasting Mexico Lucas Santiz Natural

Story: It isn't easy for roasters outside of Mexico to get their hands on the best green coffee within the country. Most producers favor selling to Mexican roasters and you must build trust to get a chance at buying. 

This coffee from Producer Lucas Santiz in Chiapas comes through exporter Cafeologia. His farm exists within a Zapatista community in Chiapas and hsi cherries are sent to San Cristobal to be processed. This particular lot is dried natural on rooftops.

Roaster’s Notes: Strawberry Jam- Coffee Cherry Flower - Grape Juice

Our Take: This coffee maintains the earthy body we appreciate from Mexican coffees but backs it up with a beautiful hint of acidity, light florals and deep cherry/berry sweetness. 

Roaster Background: Unity is a newer player in the specialty roasting game out of NYC/LA. They put a huge emphasis on proper and ethical sourcing of their green coffee. Sustainability, both environmentally and socioeconomically, plays into who they buy from and how the buy. These folks are looking to make a positive impact and are on a heavy upward trajectory.