Sey Ethiopia Asefa Dukamo Honey
$ 28.00

Sey Ethiopia Asefa Dukamo Honey

Story: This is the first ever honey processed coffee that Sey has purchased. It comes through exporters Daye Bensa from the lesser explored region of Bensa in Ethiopia. The coffee is floated, depulped and then Grade 1 density sorted prior to 10-12 day dry on raised beds with mucilage intact.

Roaster’s Notes: Tropical - Melon - Peach Blossom

Our Take: Sey's notes are spot on for this one with a hint of apricot and nectarine sprinkled in as well!

Roaster Background: From the folks that brought you Lofted Coffee comes Sey, the Brooklyn-based roaster with a focus on simplicity, quality and sustainability.

They deal exclusively in fresh-crop micro-lots. Their roast profiles are subtle and light, bringing out the cleanest form of the natural aromatics in the green coffee they purchase