Scott Richards- Ocean Diver

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Ocean Diver (pictured to the left)

mixed media trophy, handcrafted, vintage topper

**available for pickup at the end of July- contact for shipping inquiries and pricing

We are excited to present the latest art installation "Old Salts" to the Daydream Gallery space- with new work from legend Mark Cunningham & Scott Richards of Slightly Choppy.

Scott Richards is the man behind the Newport Beach based Slightly Choppy - one part art studio one part hand crafted brand. You may know the name from his pervasive felt flags that are all made by hand and conjure up Scott's inspirations that pull in aspects of vintage sign painting, maritime grit, and surf culture. Compared to his early days of surfing on the Great Lakes, Newport Beach probably feels as exotic as Indonesia giving Scott that positive spark that's so contagious to be around. His work exudes playful memoirs of coastal life from another era, decades before computers, in a time when everything was hand painted, hand stitched, and hands down more simplified than today. 

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