O'Douds Eau De Parfum - Sandalwood
O'Douds Eau De Parfum - Sandalwood
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O'Douds Eau De Parfum - Sandalwood

Sandalwood is smooth, rich, and complex. Here, it is highlighted with the delicate sweetness of pure jasmine absolute and the green, citrusy, floral notes of neroli and balanced with heart notes of blue cypress, a unique tree native to Australia that is fruity, woody, and naturally as blue as the sky. Finally, the blend is based in rich notes of fossilized amber and the dirtier notes of Texas cedarwood. Sandalwood is truly an homage to ancient wood fragrances in all of their beauty.


Top: Jasmine, Bergamot
Middle: Neroli, Blue Cypress
Base: Sandalwood, Cedar