Mark Cunningham- Worm Wood II

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Worm Wood II

Found objects by Mark Cunningham

**available for pickup at the end of July- contact for shipping inquiries and pricing

We are excited to present the latest art installation "Old Salts" to the Daydream Gallery space- with new work from legend Mark Cunningham & Scott Richards.Mark Cunningham needs no introduction, he's the world's most infamous bodysurfer and known around the world for his dolphin-like mastery or wave riding. He's been embedded in the surfing community for decades as he's often brushing shoulders in the heaviest line ups on the planet and a keen appetite for Pipeline on his home island of Oahu. What could make him any cooler? How about taking trash out of the ocean and turning it into art? When he's not in the barrel, he's beachcombing and finding objects that he appropriates in his artistic installations that border on maritime sensory overload. But don't worry, Mark's calming voice, tan complexion, silver hair, and genuine love for life will make you feel more comfortable than you ever have in a gallery. 

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