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Leaves and Flowers Loose Leaf Tea

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Title Mintha

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Leaves and Flowers is a California based tea company offering a unique selection of handcrafted botanical infusions and premium small batch teas.

The folks over at Leaves and Flowers utilize locally grown botanicals to create their infusions, in hopes of offering a botanical experience that honors the beauty and lore of the plants. Inspiration comes from the plants themselves – the mythology of their medicine, their potent leaves, delicate flowers, and the intoxicating aroma and flavor they release when infused. Leaves and Flowers botanical infusions are produced by hand in small batches in their California workshop. Herbs are freshly procured from local farms, then sorted, dried and blended by hand. The climate controlled drying room is designed to preserve the plants at the peak of their vitality. Once the herbs have been dried, they are stripped from the stem and stored away from light and air to maintain their impeccable vibrancy. When blending, herbal ingredients are kept as whole and intact as possible.

Leaves and Flowers teas are sourced from around the world and chosen for their impeccable quality and flavor. Like the herbal drying and blending methods, much of the harvesting and processing is carried out by hand. Buds and leaves are hand-picked, then skillfully oxidized, pan­‐fired, rolled or fermented to achieve the desired result. All of Leaves and Flowers botanical infusions and teas are loose leaf, and sustainably grown and harvested.

Yin Hao Jasmine

Fujian Province, China
Flavor Notes: Fragrant, Smooth, Full-Bodied

A rich green Fujian tea picked and processed in early spring, then stored until the jasmine blooms in late summer. The fresh jasmine blossoms are picked and scattered overtop the tea leaves and left for a day to allow the aromatic oils from the flowers to infuse into the tea. This process is repeated up to seven times, resulting in a subtle yet intoxicatingly fragrant cup. 


Herbal infusion - caffeine free
Anise Hyssop, Peppermint, Tarragon
Flavor Notes: Fresh, Sweet, Uplifting

In Greek mythology, Mintha (or Minthe) was a Naiad nymph beloved by Hades. When she claimed to be superior to Hades’ wife Persephone, the angry goddess transformed Mintha into the mint plant. Hades, trying to comfort her, gave Mintha a delightful and fragrant scent so all would appreciate her sweetness. Mintha subsequently became a sacred plant of Hades, and has come to be associated with metamorphosed beauty. Use this blend in the morning in the place of caffeine to awaken more gently, or in the evening as a digestif.


Herbal infusion - caffeine free
Wild Bergamot, Anise Hyssop, Lavender, Chamomile, Rose
Flavor Notes: Floral, Peppery, Sweet


Named after the Japanese art of flower arrangement, Ikebana is a true summer bouquet. It is composed of California flowers, and though delicate, it has an elegant structure and body that persists with multiple steeps. A possible translation for Ikebana is “making flowers alive” or “giving life to flowers”. You’ll find that this blend does just that.


Sea Cloud

Shandong Province, China
Flavor Notes: Savory, Vegetal, Apricot Kernel

Sea Cloud is a first flush green tea from the foothills of Laoshan Mountain, close to the sea. The foothills shelter the tea garden from the salty air, and the mist caught against the mountains keeps the tea garden cool - which benefits the tea's sweetness and flavor. These tea plants are grown by the Liang family, who oversee all the tea processing as well. The plants are protected under the cover of a greenhouse until early spring, just as the leaves are starting to sprout. Then, they are exposed to full sun until harvest in early April. 


Herbal infusion - caffeine free
Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan
Flavor Notes: Roasted, Dry Cereal, Corn Nuts

Our Hokkaido grown, pesticide-free Sobacha is made from dattan soba, or tartary buckwheat. It has a strong buckwheat flavor with hints of roasted nut and citrus peel. If you choose, the rehydrated kernels can be eaten sweet or savory after infusing.

Golden Horse

Yunnan Province, China
Flavor Notes: Honey, Caramel, Crème Brulée

A soft and smooth black tea with natural lingering sweetness. Golden Horse is a single pluck, spring tea from Yunnan Province. Picked in combination with bud and leaf, this tea yields more flavor than single bud teas. The leaves have a beautiful coppery color and infuse into an amber-hued liquor.

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