Cat & Cloud The Answer
$ 16.00

Cat & Cloud The Answer

Story: The Answer is a blend of a washed Colombia, pulped-natural Brazil and natural Ethiopia. The idea behind the blend was to have a little bit of something for everyone, hence the name. 

Roaster’s Notes: Caramel – Berries - Chocolate

Our Take: To us, this blend is like peanut butter and jelly. It’s soft, sweet and approachable. Little hints of fruit hide behind creamy chocolate and nuts.

Roaster Background: Cat & Cloud is the brainchild of Chris Baca, Jared Truby and Charles Jack. These guys have been in the specialty coffee game for a long time, winning barista championships and helping build up some of the biggest names in the industry amongst other accomplishments. 

With C&C, they finally have a place to do things their own way. Their focus goes way beyond serving the best coffee. They’re all about serving up the best experience for both their patrons and their own staff. Go check out their various media outlets to learn more about all the cool things these guys bring to the world.