9'5" Schroeder Pepper Tree

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Hailing from North County San Diego, Zachariah Schroeder is a young, yet skilled shredder/shaper. Frequenting the many reefs and beach breaks of the area, Zach creates boards that are inspired by the past, but are very functional today in all different kinds of waves. 

The Pepper Tree draws heavy influence from the Yater Spoon, as well as the trimmy and whippy boards of the late 60s in Australia. The outline features a wide point aft, pulled a decent way back from center. The rails are knifey, causing this board to be extremely fast in the pocket and on rail, while maintaining maneuverability and responsiveness from the tail. The bottom is completely rolled throughout, maximizing water displacement and lending to heavy rail engagement. The Pepper Tree is very flat, but does follow a nice continuous curve with a slight flip in the nose and tail. This mid-late 60s inspired longboard is incredibly fast in trim, and surprisingly stable on the nose. Take the Pepper Tree out at your favorite beach break, point break, or reef!

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