5'3" STPNK Asymmetrical Fish

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Griffin Stepanek is a La Jolla born, San Francisco based shaper who hand shapes some of our favorite fishes. Stepanek developed asymmetrical fishes that take attributes from surfboard design theory that play to the strengths and weaknesses humans anatomy, specifically the way we distribute weight differently on our toe side rails vs our heel side rails. This fish exhibits a symmetric Steve Lis inspired outline with several other attributes that are asymmetric including the fins, rail foil, bottom contour, and rocker. The keel side rail is foiled thinner, has a harder edge, and a flatter rocker profile out the tail. This allows one to lean into this rail with maximum strength as the board holds its line and generates as much speed as possible. This rail will function as the surfer's bottom turning rail. Conversely, the quad fin rail exhibits a thicker rail foil with a softer edge and more rocker out the tail. This allows the board to respond with minimal strength being applied and allows the board to fit more easily into critical sections of the wave. This rail will act as the rider's top turn rail. In addition, the bottom contour is slightly offset towards the keel side rail with a flat entry in the nose that transitions to a tri-plane hull with a deep single concave down the middle and out the tail. Don't think too much about it, that's Stepanek's job. This board works really well in unpredictable, punch beach break surf due to it's loose and responsive nature.

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