5'3" Barrett Flex Spoon
5'3" Barrett Flex Spoon
$ 20.00

5'3" Barrett Flex Spoon

5'3" x 22 1/2" x 2"

Tanner Barrett is a local Costa Mesa shaper who shapes a wide variety of boards. This model, known as a Flex Spoon, is a knee board design that has been a familiar and impactful design in surf history. Developed over 50 years ago by George Greenough in Santa Barbara, the Flex Spoon is largely responsible for the inspiration behind the shortboard revolution that began in the late 1960's also known as the Transition Era. The board is made to be surfed in a powerful, critical wave as the Flex Spoon doesn't provide much floatation through flat sections being that it is neutrally buoyant. However, this refinement is what allows the board to be surfed so radically... see below for details.

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