12 Month Coffee Subscription
$ 20.00

$ 33.00

12 Month Coffee Subscription


The Daydream Research Center is bringing you a new way to experience our coffee selection at home! 

Through this 12 month subscription plan, you will be sent one bag of coffee each month from your desired roaster category. You will be billed monthly plus shipping (unless you pick up in-store!) for 12 months. The discount on this plan equates to 3 free bags of coffee per plan over the duration!


Our selection from Onyx always consists of their most adventurous and highest end coffees. From this plan, you can expect wild and bold coffees; lots of modern and experimental techniques such as lactic and anaerobic processing. This plan is perfect for someone who likes to live on the wild side or someone looking to expand their coffee horizons! 

340g Bags


Sey’s coffees are always light, bright and clean. You can expect crisp, sweet and complex coffees from this plan. You may see some washed coffees with experimental fermentation processes or some special varietal micro-lots. Their Latin American coffees will be fruit-forward, bright and balanced. Their African coffees will be floral, sweet and clean! This plan is for anyone who loves bright and clean coffees. 

250g Bags

Cat & Cloud:

All of Cat & Cloud’s coffees are sweet, juicy and approachable. You can expect easy-drinking yet complex coffees from this plan. This plan is really for anyone. Your grandma would love each of these but so will your coffee nerd nephew! 

283g Bags


We can’t really categorize the exact types of coffee you’ll receive from this plan as we rotate international roasters throughout the year. However, you can always expect something new, fun and off-the-beaten-path from this plan. So far, we’ve worked with Bonanza and The Barn from Berlin and April from Copenhagen. This is a great way to experience some of the best coffees from around the world that you may never have come in contact with otherwise!

250g Bags

Director’s Choice:

This is our dealer’s choice plan. If you’ve ever had our 1 & Fun, you know how much we love to create a fun and unique experience tailored to each person who comes through our shop. This plan will send you Beverage Director Jason’s favorite coffee of the month each month. Expect to see our wildest, most adventurous and most unique coffees from this plan. 

250 - 340g Bags

Shipping Schedule:

Please note that orders placed from the 1st-15th will ship out next month. Orders placed after the 16th will ship out the following month. For example, if your order is placed 1/15 your first shipment will go out 2/1. If your order is placed 1/16-2/15 it will go out 3/1.