Sey Ecuador Lugmapata
$ 27.00

Sey Ecuador Lugmapata

Story: From producer Enrique Moreno and his award winning farm, Finca Lugmapata, this coffee shows off everything Ecuador coffees can be. This lot is floated, held in-cherry for 24 hours, depulped and then dry fermented for another 48 hours. This meticulous processing leads to an extremely clean cup with bright, floral and tropical notes.

Roaster’s Notes: Bergamot, Jasmine, Lemongrass

Our Take: This coffee is like perfume, passion fruit and dried pineapple

Roaster Background: From the folks that brought you Lofted Coffee comes Sey, the Brooklyn-based roaster with a focus on simplicity, quality and sustainability.

They deal exclusively in fresh-crop micro-lots. Their roast profiles are subtle and light, bringing out the cleanest form of the natural aromatics in the green coffee they purchase