Sey Burundi Gitwe Hill Washed
$ 28.00

Sey Burundi Gitwe Hill Washed

Story: This excellent Burundi comes from the legendary Longmiles Coffee Project grown on Gitwe Hill and processed at the Heza washing station in the Kayanza province. The altitude, moderate climate and proximity to the Kibira rainforest create an excellent microclimate for coffee growing. This lot is wet fermented for 12-18 hours and dried on raised beds for 30 days.

Roaster’s Notes: Citrus, Black Tea, Tropical

Our Take: This beautiful Burundi is like drinking grapefruit lemonade.

Roaster Background: From the folks that brought you Lofted Coffee comes Sey, the Brooklyn-based roaster with a focus on simplicity, quality and sustainability.

They deal exclusively in fresh-crop micro-lots. Their roast profiles are subtle and light, bringing out the cleanest form of the natural aromatics in the green coffee they purchase